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Authentic Cuban Bread

Crusty on the outside, soft on the inside, our century-old authentic Cuban bread consists of high-gluten spring wheat flour created specifically for our bakery. It also contains a shortening with zero trans fat. It’s most commonly used for Cuban sandwiches, but many simply love it plain, warm and fresh.

Media Noche

Translated as "Midnight Bread," this hoagie-shaped bread is used mainly for Cuban sandwiches. We use real eggs to make it a little sweeter than our Cuban bread which also creates a soft interior and yellowish coloring. This bread's unique flavor will turn the common turkey sandwich into a mouthwatering masterpiece. Its unique name comes right from Havana's late night club scene where it was served after midnight.

Coca Hamburger Buns

The sweetest of all our breads, the Coca bun is made with sugar. It too has a soft interior and tremendous flavor. These buns pair wonderfully with hamburgers, pork sandwiches or even eaten with butter as breakfast toast.

Honey Wheat

Our health conscious Honey wheat bread substitutes honey for sugar creating an outstanding flavor. Additionally, our Honey wheat is made with 51% whole wheat flour to create an even healthier substitute to our regular Cuban bread. This item is perfect for schools, bistros, delis, hospitals, day care, or any retail outlets featuring healthy alternatives.