Our Craft

The Customized Art
Of Authentic Taste

Hand Made Traditions.

After years of perfecting and tireless hours of toil, our quality products are prepared using the same hand-made traditions set forth in the early 1900's. One of our most important time-honored customs is placing a freshly cut leaf of palmetto across the top of each loaf to create the signature split down the middle. Truly authentic Cuban bread always contains the palm leaf.

La Segunda in Ybor City is one of the very few bakeries to uphold this labor intensive tradition.

Our craft has stood the test of time, and discerning palettes — from individually inserting each loaf onto the hearth to retaining the strict structure of our baking shifts. This special combination of skillful, trained employees, high quality ingredients and a passionate heritage is why we continue to create the most authentic Cuban bread in America.

The ingredients are carefully mixed by our veteran master bakers, some of whom have been part of the La Segunda family for more than 20 years.
The dough is shaped into loaves, and workers place a fresh palmetto leaf across the top to hold the moisture in.
The loaves are moved in front of high-powered fans for hardening the exterior thus producing a crusty outside and soft interior.
Each loaf is individually hand-placed into the hearth and left to bake for 45 minutes.